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Eran Wyler

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and a portfolio of six patents, I bring a wealth of expertise in leadership, technology innovation, product strategy, and business development. Throughout my career, I've orchestrated the successful launch of numerous million-user products and services for top-tier carriers, global internet firms, enterprises, and SaaS platforms such as Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Wix, KPN Group, Vodafone, and many more.

My forte lies in cultivating individuals, technologies, products, and businesses.
I specialize in navigating organizations through seemingly insurmountable challenges, transforming "NO" into "YES," and unveiling opportunities in the face of adversity. I also assist entrepreneurs and executives in accomplishing their objectives and launching products to the market.
From executing comprehensive product development lifecycles to devising robust market strategies and forging strategic partnerships, my hands-on approach ensures tangible results. 
I offer unparalleled insights into complex technological and business landscapes. 

My passions extend beyond my professional pursuits. I enjoy long-distance running, hiking, gardening, cooking, and listening to classical music.


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